9 Free Adventures to Explore Cedar City’s History

Are you ready for a little Cedar City history quiz? Our top 9 free adventures to explore Cedar City’s history will have you prepped in no time! Explore your history. See first hand why Cedar City was founded. Discover ancient trails and people. Travel all the way back to the age of the dinosaurs. All within a short distance of Cedar City.

Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum

581 North Main Street | (435) 586-5124 | www.dupinternational.org | Wed-Sat 1:00-4:00pm
Step back in time and explore a fine collection of pioneer artifacts at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum, located inside the Cedar City Visitor Center. With local experts at the front desk and a beautiful collection of local pioneer artifacts and information, this museum is the perfect place to learn about Cedar City.

Frontier Homestead’s Weekly Story Time

635 North Main Street, Cedar City | (435) 586-9290 | www.frontierhomestead.org | Tues at 10:00am
Imagine for a moment you are a stagecoach driver steering his team across the Old Spanish Trail, or a pioneer woman crossing the plains in a covered wagon, or a steam shovel operator digging ore in an iron mine. Rather than imagine, why not experience all of this with the Frontier Homestead State Park’s weekly story time. Listen to a story, then explore history by riding in the stagecoach, washing laundry (Pioneer style) or making rope at the park.

     Don’t miss our personal favorite: the 250,000 pound steam shovel that greets you at the entrance.

Garth + Jerri Frehner Museum of National History

Southeast corner of Southern Utah University Campus | (435) 865-8549 | Mon-Fri 10:30-4:30pm
The Garth + Jerri Frehner Museum of Natural History provides visitors with previously unattainable insights into our natural world with a gorgeous exhibit of large and small game animals. Understand Southwestern Utah’s history through biology, geology and anthropology. The museum houses taxidermy specimens, shells, plants, minerals, dinosaur tracks, and fossils.

     Not to miss: the funky side of Cedar City’s history, the Dancing Calves.

Old Iron Town­

20 miles West of Cedar City on Highway 56 | (435) 586-9290 | Year Round, Daylight Hours
Old Iron Town tells the story of southern Utah’s mining industry and the founding of the area. When visiting the park, tour the ruins of the iron works and charcoal oven, or take a stroll along the nature trail. To make the most out of the visit, we recommend touring the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum first, to get the entire history.

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

13 miles North of Cedar City on Highway 130 | (435) 865-3000 | Year Round, Daylight Hours
Wind, water and sand carved out this natural passageway that was once used as a major thoroughfare by ancient people. The different cultures are evident by the hundreds of petroglyphs carved into the Gap including geometric designs, lizards, snakes, mountain sheep, bear claws and human figures. With over 90 panels and 1,500 figures, the Gap is believed to be one of the most concentrated collections of petroglyphs in the West–and one of the most accessible (just a few miles off the Interstate).

     Take it waaay back: Just 2 miles east of Parowan Gap find a Dinosaur track site. Wander a natural area where several relief tracks made by ornithopods, ceratopsians and theropods preserved in stone.

Parowan Heritage Park

89 West Highway 91, Parowan | www.parowan.org | (435) 477-3331 | Year Round, Daylight Hours
This grassy park is filled with statues honoring the men and women from Parowan’s history whose dedication and sacrifices are remembered to this day. The natural springs and grotto that was used by Parley P. Pratt’s exploration party and later by early settlers during their first months in the valley is still flowing, and fills the pond in the middle of the park.

Parowan Industrial Park

100 West 200 South, Parowan | (435) 477-8190 | www.parowan.org | Year Round, Daylight Hours
Dedicated to the preservation of Parowan’s unique historical, agricultural and cultural character, providing future generations a window into the past with a wide variety of early farming implements, most horse-drawn.

Urban Fishery + Dr. Meek’s Pioneer Farmstead

100 North 400 West, Parowan | (435) 477-8190 | www.parowan.org | Year Round, Daylight Hours
Dip a line to catch a big one or feed the resident ducks at Meek’s Pond, explore the homestead or take a guided tour of the cabin, barn and outdoor learning center. Local heritage groups and agriculture students have restored each building to when it was a working pioneer farmstead.

Veterans Memorial Park

200 North 200 East, Cedar City | Year Round, Daylight Hours
The Cedar City Veterans Memorial Park features large-scale memorials, statues and walking trails. The park honors of veterans of Afghanistan, Iraqi Freedom, Korean, Vietnam and World Wars I and II. Enjoy a quiet afternoon in the peaceful park located along Coal Creek.

Explore your history, discover ancient trails, and travel all the way back to the age of the dinosaurs! #VisitCedarCity

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