Community Calendar Highlights Events and Attractions

Community Calendar Highlights Area Events and Attractions CEDAR CITY, UT – With 1.3 trillion gigabytes of information available at our fingertips when looking for something to do, there is a comprehensive resource that answers the question: “What’s there to do in Southern Utah”.  The Cedar City ~ Brian Head Tourism Bureau’s website provides a collection […]

Southern Utah Hosts World-Class Athletic Competitions

Southern Utah Hosts World-Class Athletic Competitions Cedar City, UT—Fitness is more important than ever.  Luckily, southern Utah has several outlets for people to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty and fun recreation. Southern Utah has become a magnet for exercise enthusiasts due to the multi-terrain atmosphere and altitudes up to 11,000 […]

Summer Sun Celestial Event

Summer Sun Comes out of its Winter Home During ‘Scientifically Impossible’ Celestial Event PAROWAN GAP, UT – Before ground hogs and modern-day calendars, ancient people used the movement of the sun through uniquely aligned rock formations to tell them of the changing seasons. One such observation at the Parowan Gap is that of the summer sun […]

Chicago Tribune – Yoga Getaways from Cheap to Chic

Yoga getaways from cheap to chic – By Terry Gardner Sage Hills Healing Center at the OM Ranch in Cedar City, Utah: When you arrive and see two carved wooden seats in the shape of hands in the Gyan position (the wisdom position, with thumb and index finger pressed together), you know the OM […]

USA Today – Top Ten Places to View the Night Sky

October 2012 USA Today – Top Ten Places to View the Night Sky “Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah, already a favorite spot for astronomers, is working to be certifies as a Dark Sky Park.  In this image, taken June 2012, the glow of a wildfire can be seen on the horizon.” By – Larry […]

Forbes Top 5 Relay Races to Travel For

Red Rock Relay Zion It may be one of the tougher ones on the list, but Red Rock Relay Zion is also one of the most unusual—there’s a chairlift in the first leg of the 185-mile course. This snow-to-sun journey—nicknamed that because you’re going from 11,000 feet to 3,000 feet over the course of the […]

Westways Magazine March/April 2013

Fifty Shades of Red By Elizabeth Harryman I’d never realized nature’s palette included so many shades of red.  The rose-colored sandstone mountain forming Cedar City’s backdrop was the first thing I saw every morning while attending a conference in this southern Utah town. I’d always wanted to see the region’s scenic wonders, so before and […]

Story Starters

Story Starters 2013 Perfect Pitches for Scenic Southern Utah What’s New and Exciting? *NEW! Theatre, Art and Food Fusion – Downtown Cedar City just got a little more hip.  A weekly farmers market along with several vibrant new businesses brings a unique fusion of art and food to Cedar City’s Historic Downtown District. New to […]

Invitation and Hosting

These Are The Things We’d Like To Know Please include the following: 1. Assignment details signed by your editor, publisher or news director or provide the contact information for the last three press trips you have been on. 2. If writing for print or web, include the name of the publication or website, how frequently […]

Invitation and Hosting – How to Submit a request

Press Trip Requests Please send written requests (via mail, fax, or e-mail) at least four weeks before your departure. Send to: Maria Twitchell Executive Director 581 N Main Street Cedar City, UT 84721 Phone: (435) 865-5325 Fax (435) 586-4022 Before contacting us, please read the sections below. Giving us as much information as possible […]