Cedar City Among Best College Towns for Food & Fun

Food Traveler Magazine: Best College Towns for Food, Beer & Fun “When looking for an appropriate college town, we take into account several important factors. There must be an abundance of cultural experiences for a well-rounded education. There must also be plenty of job sources for the possibility of working while in school, or establishing […]

Adventure with the Iron County GeoTour

The Cedar City • Brian Head Tourism Bureau has partnered with the Utah Office of Tourism in their Life Elevated® GeoTour of Utah  to encourage additional visitation and exploration throughout the state.  “The Utah GeoTour is very much in line with our mission to increase visitation here in Iron County and opens up a whole new […]

Summer Solstice Sunset Program at Parowan Gap

The public is invited to attend the annual Summer Solstice Sunset Observation Program at Parowan Gap, 13 miles northwest of Parowan, this Saturday, June 20th, beginning at 7:30 p.m. “Kids attending the program will be able to create a sun dial at the beginning of the program,” said Nancy Dalton, Parowan Heritage Foundation secretary. After […]

Best Hiking Trails in Search of the World’s Oldest Trees

Twisted and knarred limbs of the Bristlecone Pine are weathered and worn from eons of harsh winters. Spindly roots barely clinging to the sides of intricate limestone cliffs slowly eroding away over the eons. The Bristlecone Pine is considered to be the “Methuselah” of all living things-remarkable for their great age and ability to survive […]