Your Guide to the 4th of July

The biggest holiday of the summer is this weekend and the Cedar City Tourism Bureau has your guide to the 4th of July events, fireworks and adventures! Brian Head Fireworks: Monday July 4th at 10pm, Brian Head Town Park Brian Head Resort’s Independence Day Extravaganza will be rocking the mountain starting July 1st. The Resort […]

Celebrate 20 Years of Summer Solstice Programs at Parowan Gap

June 18th marks 20 years of hosting Summer Solstice Sunset programs at Parowan Gap. Celebrate the Summer Solstice at Parowan Gap with activities throughout the day, including workshops by archaeologist Garth Norman, a BBQ dinner and the traditional sunset program at the Gap. The summer solstice program began in 1996 with museum and visitor center […]

The Secrets of Parowan Gap

The Secrets of the Parowan Gap

Discover the writings of an ancient people and fossilized dinosaur tracks preserved in stone. With over 90 panels and 1,500 figures, Parowan Gap is believed to be one of the most concentrated collections of petroglyphs in the West – and one of the most accessible.   Wind, water and sand carved out this natural passageway […]