Dog Park Groundbreaking

Enoch Dog Park & Animal Shelter Ground Breaking held in Enoch, UTEnoch Dog Park & Animal Shelter Groundbreaking combined with a WORK PARTY!! held 5:00 pm at the newly fenced dog park (5600 North off of Minersville Hwy [north of Midvalley Rd] then left onto 675 E). This community dog park is being built by the community. Grab your gloves and gardening gear and join us at the groundbreaking! Help pull out any burs, foxtails or other “dangerous doggy weeds”.  FRIENDLY, HAPPY, VACCINATED DOGS WELCOME but be aware, these weeds currently exist in the newly fenced dog park. The faster we get these dangerous weeds out of there, the faster we can start developing. Walk the fenced large dog and small dog areas and share your ideas for development. Pencils and Pads of paper will be available to share your ideas. Refreshments will be available for our volunteer workers. For information or to donate call Diane Gill 435-865-7347.

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