SUU Sculpture & Art Stroll

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Designed for the culturally-minded and curious at heart, this self-paced walking tour will introduce you to a variety of artifacts that weave our campus together. From fascinating Shakespeare characters to icons from local and global history. The grounds of Southern Utah University are meticulously manicured and beautiful. Three-time winner of the distinction “University of the Parks” the campus of Southern Utah University is definitely worth a visit!

While the entire stroll takes approximately 45 minutes, we’ve compiled the first five stops that makes about a 15 minute loop. Centered at the home of the Utah Shakespeare Festival, this is the perfect way to spend spare time before attending a play.  


#1 Southern Utah Museum of Art

SUMA’s exterior is influenced by sandstone formations found throughout southern Utah. Notice the architect’s representation of a slot canyon on the west exterior. Admission is always free. Designed by Brooks + Scarpa, 2016.

#2 Stillman Sculpture Court 

Consider the juxtaposition of the minimalist Stillman courtyard and the series of elegant, detailed sculptures that reside here. See The Sower, Seedlings and Threshold.

#3 Fred Adams 

This 7-foot-2 bronze replica of Utah Shakespeare Festival founder Fred Adams features a pop culture icon on his wristwatch. Sculpted by Staley J. Watts, dedicated, 2006.

#4 Pederson Shakespeare Character Garden 

From the pages of Shakespeare, this quaint, circular garden features favorite characters including King Lear, Juliet, and Falstaff. Look for narrative-themed benches here and throughout the Beverly Center grounds.

#5 Titania

This sculpture brings to life Shakespeare’s queen of the fairies from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Feminine and maternal, Titania is known for standing up for what she believes in. Sculpted by Staley J. Watts, 2008.


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