Hiking Trails

Hiking in southern Utah is a great way to explore the region and experience the beautiful scenery. Find everything from arches and waterfalls to ancient forests, narrow canyons and majestic overlooks. Trails range from easy walks to challenging overnight excursions. Be prepared with a good supply of water, good hiking shoes, maps, sun-screen and plenty of time. Get out there and explore!


Coal Creek

EASY | 3.4 MILES | SPRING – FALL | POINT TO POINT | MAP| Dog Friendly - Leash Required

This paved walking trail meanders along the banks of Coal Creek with drinking fountains, exercise stations, historical monuments, benches and no street crossing (with trail underpasses and bridges). Dog Friendly – Leash Required.

Trailhead: Trail can be accessed from several points including the Cedar Nature Park (Hwy 14 east of Cedar City), Cedar City Canyon Park (500 E Center St / 151 S 400 E), Cedar City Visitor Center (581 N Main St) and Bicentennial Park (660 W 1045 N).

Bristlecone Pine

EASY | 1 MILE | SPRING – FALL | OUT & BACK | MAP | Dog Friendly - Leash Required
An easy half mile trail that’s great for families. Enjoy views of Zion National Park from an observation deck as you mingle among a grove of Bristlecone Pines.

Trailhead: Located along Highway 14, near mile marker 17, east of Cedar City.

Alpine Pond

A picturesque high-country walking trail that leads to a surreal alpine grove and pond. Distance is two-mile double-loop through forest and meadows. The lower trail offers excellent views of the “breaks.” The upper trail passes meadows of native wildflowers, through spruce-fir-aspen forest, and past ancient deposits of volcanic materials. Located half-way through the loop is the natural, spring-fed Alpine pond.

Trailhead: Located at the Chessman Ridge Overlook in Cedar Breaks National Monument. A trail guide is available at the trail head and Visitor Center for $1.00. For a shorter trail, take the cut-off at the pond to make the hike a one-mile loop trail.

Timber Creek Overlook

Perfect for an afternoon walk, the trail follows the ridge to a small peak, offering views of Timber Creek, Kolob Terrace and Pine Valley Mountains.

Trailhead: Located at the end of Kolob Canyons Road.

Cascade Falls

Spectacular views of Zion National Park and the Markagunt Plateau, ending at cascading falls from an underground lava tube supplied by Navajo Lake.

Trailhead: From the Duck Creek Visitor Center follow the signs (staying left) approx. 3 miles.

NOTE: The lava tube is closed to travel due to the low levels of oxygen and high water flows.

Hidden Haven

MODERATE | 1 MILE | SPRING – FALL | OUT & BACK | Dog Friendly - Leash Required
Hidden Haven trail ends and a cascading waterfall.Wind through a wildlife study area then traverse a granite rock fall to a 20 foot waterfall. Use care the last 100 feet due to the uneven surface where trail is not established.

Trailhead: Located between mile markers 8 and 9 on National Scenic Byway Hwy U-143.

Spectra Point / Ramparts Overlook

A high-country trail winding along the plateau rim; passing a stand of ancient bristlecone pines at Spectra Point and ends at Ramparts Overlook. At 10,500 feet, this hike is moderately strenuous and is not recommended for persons with cardiac or pulmonary health problems. If you hike to Spectra Point Overlook the trip is only a two-mile round trip.

Trailhead: Located at the Cedar Breaks National Monument Fee Area at Point Supreme along Hwy U-148.

Spring Creek

This is moderate hike into a beautiful slot canyon located just outside the Kolob Canyons area of Zion National Park. It provides a taste of canyoneering in a relatively easy slot, in an area that is accessible. The canyon is little known, overlooked by most hikers, and so you can often find solitude. Follow an old jeep trail through large meadow into a deep, narrow canyon. Follow the stream bed for 1.5 miles. Canyon wall will narrow and you’ll need to climb boulders and logs. Trail will become difficult to pass without climbing skills and equipment; this is a good point to turn around.

Trailhead:Located about 0.8 mile south of the town of Kanarraville, just south of Cedar City. At 400 South Main St, Kanarraville, take the route that heads southeast toward the cliffs. Follow it for about 0.82 miles to the parking area and trailhead.

NOTE: Water in the creek varies. Watch weather forecast, do not attempt if rain or flash flooding is predicted.

(CLOSED)Henderson Hill

*Do to recent fire activity in the area the Henderson Hill Trail is currently closed to the public.
The trail is located in the Dixie National Forest and crosses Bowery Creek, works its way up to a natural spring. Continue to the top of Henderson Hill for a scenic view. Great equestrian trail.

Trailhead: From National Scenic Byway Hwy U-143 in Parowan Canyon, head East on Yankee Meadow Road for 3 miles to a well-marked trailhead on the roadside.

Cedar City’s C – Trail

MODERATE | 4.2 MILES | SPRING – FALL | POINT TO POINT | Dog Friendly - Leash Required
The trail is a steep grade down the face of Cedar Mountain. Beautiful view of the Cedar City valley. Fall is the best due to the fabulous fall colors.

Trailhead: Follow Right Hand Canyon/Kolob Reservoir Road (5 miles east of Cedar City) from Hwy U-14 to parking area. It is best to have a shuttle or two vehicles. Leave second vehicle at the dirt parking lot at 820 South and 300 East in Cedar City. Also used as a mountain bike trail.

Twisted Forest

MODERATE | 1 MILE | SUMMER – FALL | OUT & BACK | MAP | Dog Friendly - Leash Required
Twisted Forest Hike in the Dixie National ForestLocated in the Dixie National Forest, featuring Bristlecone Pine trees and a view into Cedar Breaks National Monument, this is a high elevation hike with a sheer drop-off at the end, so use caution.

Trailhead: Just south of Brian Head Town of National Scenic Byway Hwy U-143 take Forest Service Road #204 (Sugar Loaf Road) about 2 miles until it connects with FR #265, go left about 1/2 mile then follow signs and road #964 to trailhead.

Middle Fork of Taylor Creek

Trail follows the middle fork of Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyons; winding past two homestead cabins ending at the Double Arch Alcove. Plan for three to four hours.

Trailhead: Located approximately two miles from the Kolob Canyons Visitors Center along the Kolob Canyons Road.

Kanarraville Falls Slot Canyon

Kanarra Falls is considered moderate to strenuous because the hike includes river hiking and water can be chest deep for children and quite cold. Be prepared if hiking early in the morning or when the weather is cold. Required equipment includes sturdy, sticky river hiking shoes and quick dry clothing; dry bag for equipment and food, as well as water, energy snacks, and first aid kit. Carabineers and rope might be needed if the ladders are damaged. Best Season to hike is Summer/Fall when the water is warmer. Kanarra Creek is a slot canyon and like any slot canyon there is a very real danger from flash flooding. Do not hike this trail if it is raining. Remember a storm far off can trigger a flash flood. Plan for four hours.

Trailhead: Located in the town of Kanarraville. Turn east on 100 North and travel a few blocks towards the water tank. Park in the designated parking lots (Sweet Spot Parking Lot & Kanarra Falls Parking Lot). Do not park in front of homes or driveways.

Permits: Starting May 1, 2018 – Permits are required to hike Kanarra Falls. The permit fee is $9 per person and includes a processing and handling fee. Permits can be purchased online or at the trailhead (credit card/debit purchases only).

NOTE: No dogs are allowed on this trail, not recommended for children under 8 yrs, only one porta-potty is available and is located at the parking area and please follow the “Leave No Trace” principles by packing out all garbage and waste. Remember, Kanarra Creek provides the water supply for the town of Kanarraville.

Vermillion Castle

MODERATE TO STRENUOUS | 2 MILES | SPRING – FALL | OUT & BACK | MAP | Dog Friendly - Leash Required
Vermillion Castle formation on Yankee Meadow RoadThe trail works to a rim and overlooks the road and Vermillion Castle Campground. Rock formations are on the rim and are composed of conglomerates and sandstone. The trail climbs steeply through grotesque rock formations before working to a ridge spine continuing up the spine below a massive red rock cliff, crosses a side hill of pinyon/juniper until it comes out to a large flat rock platform looking directly into Vermillion Castle and across the canyon to Noah’s Ark. Plan on two hours.

Trailhead: From National Scenic Byway Hwy U-143 head East on Yankee Meadow Road (1st Left Hand Canyon) for 2 miles to a well-marked trailhead near the 5-mile picnic area.

Virgin River Rim

MODERATE | 32 MILES | SUMMER – FALL | POINT TO POINT | MAP | Dog Friendly - Leash Required
Views of the Virgin River Rim and northern terrace of Zion National Park, hiking, mountain biking and horses.

Trailhead: The trail has several access points so you can make the journey as long or as a short as you like. There are access points at Wood’s Ranch, Deer Haven, Te Ah Campground (Navajo Lake), as well as Cascade Falls and Strawberry Point trailheads.

Kolob Arch

Kolob Arch one of the best back country hikes in Kolob Canyons, Zion National ParkThe hike starts at Lee’s Pass and follows the LaVerkin Creek into the Kolob wilderness to the world’s second largest free-standing arch. Kolob Arch is not as dramatic as some other famous arches but it is beautiful in it own way. Plan on this being an all-day hike.

Trailhead: Located approximately three and half miles from the Kolob Canyons Visitors Center at Lee’s Pass.

NOTE: The hike is not recommended during the months of July and August since the summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees.

Vista Trail

A family enjoying Vista Trail in Brian Head, UTThe trail begins at the base of Brian Head Peak winding its way across the mountain, past the town pond and down Giant Steps face, returning back to 9,600 feet at Giant Steps Lodge. A vigorous pace will give you a great work out, while a leisurely hike will allow you to take in the majestic views into eroded red sculptures of Cedar Breaks National Monument and Sugarloaf Mountains. Half way down the hike Brian Head Town below unfolds, as do the valleys and red hoodoos of Vermillion Castle. Plan for approximately 1.5 hours.

Trailhead: Located at the base of Brain Head Peak of National Scenic Byway Hwy U-143.

Dog Friendly - Leash Required Dog Friendly – Leash Required