Enoch, Utah


Enoch is the second largest city in Iron County. Located slightly north of Cedar City, Enoch is a widespread rural community that thrives with agriculture. In the early 2000’s the community saw a huge increase in population as well as demands. The residents were more eager than ever to expand local businesses, churches and neighborhoods to accommodate the basic services. Today, nearly 6000 people reside in Enoch and is expected to continue growing.

Enoch History

Not only is Enoch teeming with agriculture, but it is rich in history, too. The area was first stumbled upon in the mid 1800’s during one of the most prevalent times in history: the Old Spanish Trail. Being one of the major stopping points for trading and riches, the area was later revisited in 1851 where it was formerly named Johnson’s Ranch. Joel J. Johnson was the first settler of the area but only stayed temporarily due to Indian troubles. Several years later the area was inhabited once again with travelers and reestablished as Johnson’s Fort. The rural area grew for the first time when John Pidding Jones, his family and others migrated to Johnson’s Fort. In 1956, the then former Johnson’s Fort was officially settled as Enoch after the Mormon United Order. Small communities began to take root and the agriculture system escalated with growing demands that still stand to this day.

Must See & Do

Off Highway Vehicle (OHV):

Head out toward Three Peaks Recreational Area and cruise over volcanic rock formations and rolling hills. Several times a year 4 x 4 rock crawling competitions are held held.

Mountain Biking

Race down one of the many biking trails over large rock formations and through the challenging desert terrain in the Three Peaks Recreational Area.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy a relaxing day of horseback riding and site seeing as one explores the magnificent red rock wonders of Southern Utah.