Modena, Utah


Still an unincorporated community, Modena is the second most important railroad town located in the far western outskirts of Iron County. On April 30th 1899 the rails of the Oregon Shortline crossed through Desert Spring just three miles north of Modena. Many railroad crews and soon farmers and miners inhabited the area setting the stage for residential and economic growth. Stores, hotels, and forwarding warehouses began to line the streets along with a weather observer in 1910. With an advancement in transportation, the diesel train engine, and the start of World War II, railroad workers were able to commute to work from anywhere and eventually left Modena. Many of the businesses and other establishments that once flourished are now shut down and the area is now recognized as an old historic ghost town. Modena is now home to desert dwellers and other residents seeking to escape the urban life.

Must See & Do

Historic Site

Enjoy a self-guided tour around the historic ghost town and see old saloons, hotels, and railroad sites.