Nestled at the base of a hill just east of the stream, Red Creek, Paragonah (pronounced locally as pair-a-GOON-ah) is an ideal location for recreation, and the perfect place to head out with a rod and reel for a family fishing outing.

Paragonah History

Paragonah was settled by residents from the nearby town of Parowan in the early 1850’s and is a Paiute Indian name believed to mean several things including “red water,” “warm water,” or perhaps “many watering holes.” Parowan residents found meadows next to Red Creek an ideal location for farming. Originally known as Red Creek, and once written and pronounces “Paragoonah,” though one o was dropped from the spelling during the late nineteenth century but not in the pronunciation.

A large number of mounds and petroglyphs near Paragonah indicate a large prehistoric populations of Fremont peoples, and the legacy of Paragonah settlers continues to be one of hard work and craftsmanship. Their motto in the nineteenth century was “Paragonah, The Abode of Thrifty Pioneers.” Incorporated as a town in 1916 they had an elementary school until the 1950’s, but students now attend school in Parowan. Even with no industry the number of residents has stayed stable, ranging between 300 to 500 for many years.

Must See & Do


Paragonah Reservoir, just 8 miles to the east is a great destination for either a family fishing outing or for the avid fly fisherman. Gorgeous rainbow trout typically range in size up to 17 inches. There is no boat ramp, but small boats can be launched from the shore. Unimproved camping and car accessible (summer & fall only). May is a great time to watch the spawning fish, remember no fishing in spawning areas. *generally not accessible in the winter.

Yankee Meadow Reservoir, 15 miles southeast, via Hwy 143, turn left at five mile marker onto a good gravel road. Stocked annually with rainbow trout, brook trout, and Bonneville cutthroat trout. There are two Forest Service campgrounds in the area, camping is not allowed in the immediate vicinity of the lake. A restroom and gravel launch ramp are available at the lake. There are no garbage facilities at the lake so please pack out what you pack in. General statewide fishing regulations apply. *generally not accessible in the winter.

Off Highway Vehicle (OHV)

Red Creek Canyon Road, take Center Street out of Paragonah (going east). Red Creek Canyon Road is generally a good gravel road that takes you to Red Creek Reservoir. After Red Creek Reservoir it gets a little narrower and in bad weather could become quite a mess. This road eventually connects to the main road to Panguitch Lake, Horse Valley Road. It will take about 2.5 hours to travel the 24 miles to the Lake.

Little Creek Canyon Road located just north of Paragonah and heads east. On the way up Little Creek Canyon Road you will see quite a few nice rock formations. Little Creek Canyon Road heads north to Hwy 20 or you can continue south to Horse Valley Road and Panguitch Lake.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy a relaxing day of horseback riding and site seeing as one explores the magnificent red rock wonders of Southern Utah.