Performing Arts Groups

Theater and music has been an integral part of southern Utah culture since the beginning. Today, Cedar City is home to the Tony award winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, the first Neil Simon Festival, the Orchestra of Southern Utah and many other performing arts groups that are enhancing our culture and bringing amazing talent to our stages.

Cedar City Arts Council

The Cedar City Arts Council hosts several events throughout the year including exhibits and art walks.

Cedar City Master Singers

Organized in 1947, The Master Singers is a 75 member all male chorus, that performs all over Utah. The group disbanded in the 70’s but 20 of the original members came together at the celebration of the Southern Utah University Centennial in 1997. After the 1997 performance, there was sufficient interest to recruit new members and renew the organization with members from all over Southern Utah. The group performs several concerts throughout the year.
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Cedar City Music Arts

For over 80 years the Cedar City Music Arts Council has dedicated itself in bringing the world’s finest musicians to Cedar City. Countless soloists and musical groups have traveled to Cedar City so that members of smaller communities can experience great musical talent generally reserved for more cosmopolitan locales. Notable artists have included Eugene Fador, Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, the Nevada Ballet Company, traveling Broadway Productions, and the Vienna Boys Choir.
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Neil Simon Festival

The world’s first and only professional theater company dedicated to honoring the works of America’s comic playwright Neil Simon. The Neil Simon Festival’s season runs annually mid-July through mid-August and is housed in Cedar City’s Heritage Center in historic downtown. The plays are presented in repertory each evening Wednesday through Saturday.
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Orchestra of Southern Utah

String music has been part of the Cedar City cultural life since the pioneers came and fiddlers provided dance music in Fiddler’s Canyon. Founded in the early 1920’s, the Orchestra of Southern Utah brings together professional and amateur musicians to increase appreciation for classical music and make it more accessible to the local and rural populations. OSU provides live performances showcasing local talent throughout the year, while also providing support to community groups striving to raise music standards for the area.
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Parowan Historic Aladdin Theater

Parowan built its Aladdin Theater in the early 1920’s to serve the cultural needs of the area. This Mission-style theater was recently renovated so that Parowan community members could continue to develop their dramatic talents. Throughout the year several plays and melodramas are presented on the Aladdin’s historic stage.

Southern Utah University College of Performing Arts

Southern Utah University’s College of Performing and Visual Arts produces over 300 artistic events throughout the year in Cedar City. Talented students offer high caliber entertainment, inspiring audiences from the stage. Jazz, symphonic and vocal performances will delight the senses and beautiful paintings, sculpture and prints will stir the heart.
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Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Utah Shakespeare Festival creates and presents the works of Shakespeare and other playwrights each June through October. The three performance venues are located at the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts, including an outdoor theatre inspired by Shakespeare’s own Globe Theatre. Many additional activities enhance the plays: pre-show orientations, post-show play discussions, backstage tours, and seminars about costumes, props, acting, and more.
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